Salm Fireplaces, works of art which heat up.

Production also customized fireplaces, Kitchens in masonry, stoves, Bathrooms, Kitchen tops, classic, modern, rustic. The best professionals to create true works of art

Creativity, Skill and Competence, essential elements to achieve Success.

Noi di Salm crediamo che per creare un opera di successo sia fondamentale organizzare e coordinare
una linea produttiva che sia piĆ¹ completa e importante possibile.

L'idea del cliente, il nostro apporto tecnico, la creazione di un progetto, la scelta dei materiali
sono tutti passaggi indispensabili per arrivare ad essere entrambi soddisfatti del risultato.

Salm Caminetti crea e vuole essere tutto questo.


How ?

sopralluogo e preventivo gratuito

Step 1

Inspection and Estimate

After the evaluated requirements of the customer, the salm fireplace performing a inspection, therefore allowing accurate through reliefs and measurements to of preparing a detailed estimate which offers the solution more suitable for every kind of need.

progettazione e realizzazione

Step 2

Design and Realization

All work is carefully studied and designed even through technical drawing (cad), then be made to measure directly in the laboratory of salm, thank you experience and specialization of our staff.

posa in opera e installazione

Step 3

Installation And Mounting

All realizations are cutlery and installed directly from personal salm, in accordance with the regulations, providing durability and functioning in time.

consulenza post vendita

Step 4

After Sale Service

Salm Caminetti is available for any problem or request offering a qualified service, made directly from its technical or supporting companies, to guarantee a range of spare parts and accessories always available.