Salm Fireplaces, works of art which heat up.

Production also customized fireplaces, Kitchens in masonry, stoves, Bathrooms, Kitchen tops, classic, modern, rustic. The best professionals to create true works of art

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  • Marble


    Marble is a metamorphic rock crystal, with great compactness, used both for the construction and for decorative purposes. Reaches the consistency and appearance commonly attributed only at the end of a long process of transformation, which guarantees the presence of many types, textures and special features. It 'habit therefore distinguish them by their area of origin or color gradients.

  • Graniti


    Granite is formed by contiguous grains that give it a look incoherent and not homogeneous color. E 'consists of large crystals with shapes with sharp edges that allow it to be classified as intrusive magmatic rock. The main feature of the granite is the hardness, in fact the granites are widely used in buildings, especially in paving and construction of monuments.

  • Onici


    Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, or microcrystalline quartz in compact masses, colored opaque or semi-opaque, uniform. Like all varieties of quartz is very hard and durable. Takes on a particular characteristic of being translucent and zoning varied, usually in shades of brown that give this marble look colorful and transparent.

  • Limestone


    Limestone with the term refers to a stone of limestone origin, for the most part composed of fragments of skeletal organisms seas. Its constituent components give it a compact, a color and a unique structure that, together with special ductility allow different modes of application of buildings and modern architecture, but also for design of outdoor spaces.